Aquarium & Reptile Depot is looking for you!

Citrus Heights

Here at, Aquarium Depot, we are constantly looking for individuals who are eager to help, educate and learn about aquatic and reptile husbandry!  Our focus is to bring quality products, fish, reptiles and knowledge to the public while providing the top customer service to ensure each person is a valued customer.  Our team works cohesively to ensure that the entirety of the store runs operations smoothly.  Each team member is expected to keep up-to-date on all products and technology to be able to adequately answer customer questions.

Aquatic & Reptile Specialist

Hours: The position will require flexibility in hours including the weekends.  Open availability is preferred!


  • Provide honest and provide highest quality of service.
  • Create a work environment that supports a positive experience for both team members and customers.
  • Be able to provide explanations on all aspects of aquatic and reptile products and livestock.
  • Be prepared to clean all equipment, maintain livestock environments, mop floors, and take out garbage.
  • Come with a good work ethic.


  • Experienced in the hobby aspects.
  • Keeping up with any new technology or information to ensure a high quality life on livestock.
  • Focused on customer service and able to diagnose problems on the fly.
  • Ready to learn about all aquatic and reptile products and livestock (husbandry, compatibility, etc.) that we carry on hand.
  • Respect all issues and focus on a customer centric work environment while maintaining professionalism between team members.


  • Set goals for the team to focus on achieving as a whole.
  • Provide a learning environment and ensure each person is well prepared.
  • Listen to all questions and concerns and figure out the optimal strategy to solve it.
  • Ensure each team member feels welcome and valued.

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